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500 Days of Summer

This weekend was quite nice.

I got to leave a bit early on Friday. I called into our town hall meeting, instead of attending it, that was I was able to run some errands and get home to finish up cleaning before the girls came in.  They got in about 6pm. Thao and I did a group effort and made Dinner:

Ranch, Herb, Lime, Parmasen cheese Cruster Baked Chicken (NOMNOM)
Steamed Corn of the Cob (Sweet Corn)
Angel Hair Pasta with Six cheese and green pepper sauce (mmmm)
AU-Gratin Potatoes (<------ Though we kinda cooked and forgot about them!! lol)

It was really good. Around 915p the girls, Thao, and I all headed to Easton to see 500 Days of Summer. This movie was really good. At least I can say I quite enjoyed this film. It is a story of a boy and a girl who meet, but its not about love. LOL.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has TRULY grown up in this. I remember seeing him on 3rd rock from the sun! lol And Zooey Dischell.. Come on she is just great too.  Anyways I would recommend this to anyone out there. Its good.

Saturday when we all woke up, we headed to get breakfast at bob evans and then we headed to the thrift store. The girls wanted to go shopping lol.

After our filling breakfast and stop for ice coffee, we came back and got ready for a night at the fair. Thao joined us there too. We walked around and pet the animals, did some shopping and ate food! Typical fair events.  I ran into Vickie (she used to be my boss when I worked at the shell gas station in 2001-2003) I bough 5 $1 tickets from here and passed them out. Thao won a dollar so she got another ticket it, and that one won $20. lol Nice!

The evening began to creep upon us, and soon it was time for the David Cook Concert! I had such a great time, and David put on a really great show! His opening act, Green River Ordinance, was pretty damn good too, I bought thier CD.  While at the concert I ran into Joe Massari, this kid I have not seen since like 2000, He is from Cleveland, so the chances of running into him at the fair, AND the concert were just WOW.  We caught up a bit.. then all of us enjoyed the music.

At the end of the night, we got ice cream and headed home. Kendall has a handicap parking pass, so we got primo parking AND an easy access to leave. It was nice.

Sunday I did NOTHING! Except watch anime and Medium it was AWESOME!
The boys came into town May 29th. David, Mike, and Chris all came in from cleveland later in the evening Friday night. We ended up staying up till about 5:30 am.  We are crazy! HA.  When they got there it was close to 11p -12a. After they settled in, we decided that we would just relax and hangout. We played some games (of course) and started to watch Halloween -The Rob Zombie Remake . It was a pretty damn good movie. I mean there are people who like the original better. It leaves the mystery of Michael Meyers up to us, where as Zombie's remake allows us to see the transformation. Honestly that is another blog for another day. Over all its a good movie. I am still battling off the urge to look over my shoulder when its dark.

Saturday after all us late bloomers got up at 1230 ;) we got ready for the day and head out to Waffle house.  Chris never been to one, so we figured why not?  Once we finished with breakfast we headed out to the CORGS Con 09 gaming convention in columbus. It was a lot smaller then both Thao and I expected. It started about 10a, we got there about 3pm.  We were able to walk the whole thing in about 15 mins. (that was with browsing). At the time Thao and I were the only girls there. Guys were reducing prices left and right. It was funny.  I bought the following:
  • Sin City - Collecters Addition DVD (comes with the graphic novel) $10
  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children DVD - $2
  • Bomber Man: Act Zero - 360 - $7
  • Dragon Lair 3D - Gamecube- $ 6
The Final Fantasy DVD was funny. The cuter guy was selling it at $5, the guy I bought Sin City from offered it to me for $3, cute buy said $2, SOLD! That and he was cute. I would have paid $5 for it. lol.  Thao and I entered the qbert competition. Now I have not played it on a nintendo in AGES so I jumped off the level like 2 times .. it sucked. But since Thao and I were the only girls who competed , I won. LOL it was funny. Good times.

Once we finished at the gaming, we decided to go get Ice Cream from Clown Cone. MMMMM. Then we stopped at Meijers and picked up Steaks and Coal and Snacks for dinner. Then it was back to the house for some Dr. Mario gaming, and NBA Jam.... Sega Style. Also later that night we played NBA JAM on Super Nintendo.  LOL.

Sunday we went to see ANGEL Vs. DEMONS this movie was not as disappointing as I thought it was going to be.   But then again... there was a scene where a priest was falling from the sky (with a parachutte) and he was passed out body limit and all.... He just fell and knocked over all these bystanders.... Thao and I BUSTED out laughing, while everyone else in the theater was gasping in concern for the priest. LMAO! The boys ended up leaving around 10pm.  It was a CRAZY week!!!

I got Freak & Geeks in the mail from Netflix Monday, and Monday night I watched all 3 discs. I <3 that show!! Its a shame it only lasted a season.  Right now I am waiting on Season 2 of Dark Angel to come in the mail. Also the remaining 3 disc's of Freak & Geeks. I finshed Season 1 of Dark Angel.  Such a good show.

If you like Zombies and a good story check these diaries out. I promise you, they are worth the read. Leave a note, let them know what you think. Thier stories innertwine

El Ray Romero

Finding The Way Out

Gone Forever ~ Three days Grace   


So, I'll stay up all night
With these bloodshot eyes
While these walls surround me
With the story of our life

I feel so much better
Now, that your gone forever
I tell myself that I don't
Miss you at all

I'm not lying, denying
That I feel so much better now
That your gone forever

Now, things are coming clear
And I don't need you here
And in this world around me
I'm glad you disappeared

So, I'll stay out all night
Get drunk and fuck and fight
Until the morning comes
I'll forget about our life

I feel so much better
Now, that your gone forever
I tell myself that I don't
Miss you at all

I'm not lying, denying
That I feel so much better now
That your gone forever

First time you screamed at me
I should have made you leave
I should have known
It could be so much better

I hope you're missing me
I hope I've made you see
That I'm gone forever

And now, its coming clear
That I don't need you here
And in this world around me
I'm glad you disappeared

I feel so much better
Now, that your gone forever
I tell myself that I don't
Miss you at all

I'm not lying, denying
That I feel so much better now
That your gone forever

And now, you're gone forever
And now, you're gone forever


Someone stole my can of Air duster off my desk at work. It was here Friday....

My Co-workers is gone too....

SAY WHAT???? Bastards!

Walkmans, Pagers, and Cellphones OH MY

I have on these cheap ear buds so I could listen to my music and they REALLY hurt my ears. UGH!  This is why I often favored normal dorky looking headphones. You know the ones I am talking about.  Back when Walk-mans were the thing. I remember when I first got a walkman, I was SO excited. I rode my school bus every morning and listened to my tapes, and thought it was awesome.  It was a sweet invention... a tape player AND radio? who would have thought ;) Someone in China did!  I retired my walkman, when CD's got really popular. I got a portable Cd Player and was once again happy.

I often fell behind when it came to technology. Most middle class and lower class families tend to just because they can't afford the newest and best thing. 

Pagers became pretty popular. I remember being SO excited because we just got a cordless phone, and here all my friends had pagers, and some even were starting to get into cell's.  Then I FINALLY get a pager, I was 17 when I got it. By then No one had a pager anymore. They started getting Cellphones. HA!

I bought a Playstation when the PS2 had been released a 2nd time (the thin one). Every one bought a PS2, I was happy to get a PS. HA!


Physical Therapy was a bit tough today. Its obvious that the first day will always be the toughest on someone, but man it hurt. He started to press on areas around my injury and he hit like 2 spots the caused me So much pain, and he was pressing REALLY hard. I actually don't know why, but my reflux was to kick at him! HA!  But my PT Specialist's name is David. He was pretty cool about explaining what can cause the sprain. After some of the testing and questions, he determined that its not just a simple case of Tendonitis (sp?) *which is a common issue with a sprain*.  He said Its not a full tear in the muscle either because of my ability to use my left arm.  He said that if after 3 weeks of PT I don't show 30-50% improvement, we will have to get an MRI as it could be a partial tear of the muscle.

My PT schedule kinda blows, its all EARLY in the morning, but I have to do what I have to do!


So I was talking with my friend and we got on the subject of Cell Phones. You know I love mine, and I am always texting on it, or carrying it with me. One could say I am addicted to it, I will admit such. But I also try very hard to have some ettiqute.  I understand emergencies come up, and I too have failed and answered my phone in times I shouldn't have, but I learned from those said times... Its VERY annoying when I have to hear you whole damn conversation. To make matters worse, you have those people with the bluetooth on chatting away , loudly, in a public place, and then they decided to get an attitude because you are "listening" to thier conversation.  Screw that noise.. you are the ass talking in my ear, how can I NOT hear? OY!


Faith Hill: The Way You Love Me
Dr. Dre:  The Next Episode
Ruff Endz: No More
Creed: With Arms Wide Open
Montel Jordan: Get It On Tonight
Missy Elliot featuring Alayiah: Hot Boyz
Smash Mouth: Then the Morning Comes
Nine Days: Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)
Kid Rock: Only God Knows Why
Savage Garden: I Knew I Loved You
Brian McKnight: Back to One
Third Eye Blind: Never Let You Go
Toni Braxton: He Wasn't Man Enough For Me
Savage Garden: Crash and Burn
Kandi:  Don't Think I'm Not
Sisqo: Thong Song
Eminem: The Real Slim Shady



For some odd reason I can not sleep. I think there is something in the air, alsoI keep writing things, and for some reason I keep deleting them. I need to make up my mind with what I like to write about. lol!

This may be my *slight* obsession for the series, but I am looking forward to seeing Twilight again. I was speaking about this earlier, but I am much more drawn to tragic love stories, or the more tortured love. The Bella/Edward - Vampire loving a Human. Its been done before.. Buffy/Angel and many others. What captivates me about the love in the twilight series, is its almost like Love at first site. Its a natural draw to someone who can fill your heart.  I have always considered myself a loving soul. Empathy, Romance, Loving and Caring. Those tend to be may strongest assest in most my relationships. My past love life often reflects this as well. I connected with Bella during the first book. I am just drawn to that electric feeling you get with someone. Some people get it while a first meeting, some get it online, some get it through friendship and it develops into other things, some get it after getting to know someone. Either way for someone to love its a blessing in any form really.

I really should be trying to go to sleep, but alas I am not tired in the least. 
My mind keeps wandering onto all these different topics... 

Just seen a preview for Xmen Origins: Wolverine. I am hoping that it is good.. I loved the Xmen comics that I did read. I have a real appreciation for the saga. Speaking of commercials.. you know there is 2 commercials out there that piss me off. The one where they show all these Healthy/Slightly overwieght women... who had "relationships" with thier favorite fast foods and then they switched to the "sexy" healthy food. RIGHT after that they show a burgerking commercial on with guys and how the fastfood will attract these hot ass women. What the hell do marketing people think. It pisses me off that I can watch a commercial for women to eat healither, to lose weight and be healthy and you can have attractive men, then RIGHT after you see some men stuffing their faces with little burgers and then BAM Hot women everywhere. Fuck that. It seems that the marketing people out there make women lose weight to get attractive men, and men can eat these little tiny hamburgers and women want to jump them.
Makes me think about those damned Axe commercials. Granted i will give Axe some credit I don't mind the scent, I actually like some of them.  I don't need a guy i like or am dating, to have to wear cologne, but at times its kind of nice to smell the cologne and then get a reminder of the guy. Meh... Guess that works either way. 

For some reason, I want to just curl up in a blanket.. I am not cold.. odd..
I received my anime the other night. I am really pumped about that. I have been watching the free shows of this for months now, and Its only through say disk 3, Now I own all 9 discs and can watch it when I want!  I have to admit i love THIS SITE its full of good discounted anime! :D I am just waiting for Breaking Dawn to arrive and than I will be completely done with the Twilight Series. Its odd, becuase I remember ready the 7th both of Harry Potter and just dreading that this series was ending. I postpone reading it as long as I could, only a day , and then started in on it. I just didn't want it to end. Right now, The way the 3rd book ended in the Twilight series, I do want to know what will happen with Bella and Edward but I can see how she is bringing the story to a conclusion. Its quite nice really!

Lastnight we watched Chuck and Heroes. Both really good shows. I will be watching my Horror flick that is suppose to be a "cult classic" lol. So I will let you all know if its anygood.

nowise26  worked in Corp yesterday,  I miss him. I wished he was over here more often.  He is a lot of fun to talk to :-P
Mostly I just wanted to name the guys I am crushing on that are celebs. lol. There really is a common thread with the guys I admire, its humor. All of these guys are geeky , imo, and make me laugh.

John Kransinski -  John plays Jim Helpert on the office. This is where I first fell in love with him and his character. I did enjoy the movies he has been in, but mainly John with always be my Jim lol.
Zachery Levi  - Zac plays Chuck Bartowski in the show Chuck. I really had not heard of him before this show honestly, but he is very much like his character on the show, but more confident. He has been in Big Momma's House 2 and Ctrl Z.
Justin Long - My first glimce of Justin was in Jeepers Creepers, his eyes scared the hell out of me. I really have just became a complete fan of his. :D He has been in Accepted, Hes just not that into you, Zach and Mari make a Porno, Waiting, Still Waiting
Neil Patrick Harris - DOOGIE HOWSER! I loved him when I was a kid, and still do. Gay or not.. Dr. Horrible sealed the deal EVEN MORE!!!!!!

Ever realize just how much crap is on the internet? I rememebr when the interenet first became pretty popular. When AOL was the Only way to get online and be on the internet. How the pages would load so slow, but techincally it was much faster back then because the pages were not what they are today.
I was searching an up information about a discussion I was having on a forumn. It is CRAZY the amount of information that can be found. While looking for a chapter to a book, or an qoute of a chapter, I found webpages of people with horrible grammer. You know this kind:
" SO this b my view on this bok. The way I c it, there ain't nothin goin on wit ol' gurl and boy..." 
I am FAR from one to talk about grammer, but really... that i just hard to comprehend while searching for an answer. I mean I can see its your page, type what you want, cool got that. Its your  voice and I respect your opinion on the matter, but how the HELL did thier page come up as one of the top pages to give the the information I was looking for.  Its just very flustering.

Wether or not this is still read by others I am posting!! :-P

Thanks to the AWESOME [info]nowise26 I have been introduced to the future 360 that shall grace its presence into my life! It will be Very Sex-ay!!! Woot! I am kind of worked up over this, as I am really wanting it! I can not wait to preorder it tomorrow! It ships in March, and I am ready for that!

I feel good today. Don't know if it was the good amount of sleep I had, the fact that my book will be here ina  few hours, or just that overall I feel more confident. I just feel good today! I like days like this.  You ever have an outfit,song, movie, or a book that just makes your mood pick up? I think mine is the shirt I have on :)  Well that and Invader Zim. Good mood all around. Its time I write on a good note here instead of some rambling downer mess.

I have been reading the comic online, its been around since 98' so I am WAY behind on discovering it, but its called pvponline.  I love it. I started at the first comic in 1998 and Now I am up to Nov 2001. If you like gaming, PC & Counsel Check it out.  PVPonline .  In addiction to the PVP comic, I also have been reading my online Manga. I got caught up on some ongoing ones lastnight. Now I need to finish up Fruits Basket. I finished the Anime, I also need to get my butt in gear and finish watching Ai Yori Aoshi. I am on Disc 4 and need to send it back to Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, I am really loving the streaming feature with the 360. I have to say if you have a 360, its worth the instant watching option. I used to do Blockbuster online rental. But Netflix has MUCH better anime to chose from, as well as the instant feed of the movie, one can not go wrong. It could be my "slight" obsession with movies, gaming, & anime talking here, but I love it.

Moving onto other things I am on a mission. I wish to game more alternative comics by Mr. Jhonen Vasquez. I already have Squee and JTHM. Next I plan to get I feel sick and filler bunny.  I know filler bunny is not much of a comic as it is a rambling, but I love it none the less. Also I plan on getting Lenore the cute little dead girl.  I like to find Invader Zim dvd's, but it seems to be a tad difficult to do so.

Anyone have any good recommendations on MP3 players? I like to get a decent one that can hold a good amount on music. I am going to be joing the new gym this April, and music is a must for the working on. Music kinda motiviates me a tad bit and keeps me focused. I was looking at an I-pod Touch, but since I am planning on getting the 360 Elite RE red I think I need to go a bit lowerscale than that.

Does anyone remember Fraggle Rock? Yah, I was just watching a video from back than. Man I used to watch the hell of out that show. There were others too:  Jem, Transformers, TMNT, The Snorks, James Bond Jr., yah. I miss cartoons.. lol

My left thumb keeps twitching on its own. Its quite annoying... maybe I strained it gaming? meh!

A week that kinda isn't that great

I have been out of work for 2 days due to a bad sinus infection. I still have issues with it, but not enough to keep me from work. AS I am heading into work. My car dies...I had to sit on the side of 270 2 miles away from a gas station or anything. It was SO cold. I am SO glad I signed up for the roadside premium through safeauto. Only like 3$ a month. WORTH IT! I have a tangent to go on about Cops, but for another time. I am waiting to hear the damages of what my car is going to be :( I know its going to break my heart cause to me it sounds like a min of 400$ :(

*Edit* Since I have some down time, and the medicine is wearing off, I feel it in my best to vent on here rather then somewhere else. So you know Safeauto offers free roadside assistance but for 3$ a month extra I think I get the Premium package which includes gas delivery.  So with that said this is how my day went.

I woke up and got ready for work, running a tad behind, I knew I get to work about 930.  AT like 9:20 I was 2 miles away from Sawmill Rd. (that is the exit I used to get to Cardinal) My car seemingly ran out of gas. I know its winter, and I know you need to keep it above 1/4 tank of gas, but I was sick for 2 days, on medicine and just wanted to get to work. I looked and seen I was a notch above E and decided at Sawmill I get gas, well my car felt it best to not let that be the case. I call Safeauto, and within 10 mins, about 935, someone is at my car with some gas. 5$ worth. Puts me just under a quarter tank. Well knowing that I have electric fuel injection, I let my car "charge" and then proceed to get it to turn on. Yah, its not having it. I checked my Fuel Injection Fuse - its not blown, Oil pressure is good --Just in case--, and there is now gas. Ok. Problem seen now. SO I call back Safeauto and they said Shamrock towing will be there in 45 mins. This was about 9:45am. I watched 2 cops drive right by me. Not once stopping to assist. Its not about 10:10am. Its really cold outside this morning like 25 I believe. And I started to get cold in my car.
A man that works for the state pulled up behind my car, its his job to check stranded cars on the side of the road, help motorist, he tried to help me no luck, so he and I wait in his oh so warm truck. Thank goodness... I was starting to get very chilled and coughing.

So as I said 2 cops passed me by on the freeway. Now ANY OTHER time I was on the side of the road with flashers be it, looking for directions, or something, a Cop was ALWAYS behind my car within mins, IF I STAYED LONGER THAN A FEW MYSELF.  Now 2 cops pass me by and NO HELP at all. The 2 cops that passed me, where the 2 I just passed 3 miles back before 315.  As State guy and I were sitting in his truck, his dispatch girl is asked to have him move. It seems a COP at mile marker 19 is saying that HIS TRUCK was SLOWING traffic down, causing his "speed traps" to not work. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? SERIOUSLY?.  The guy said he was NOT moving, and they would have to deal since THEY didn't try to help me. Score one for the state worker!!!
--> End Cop Rant<---

As my tow came about 10:45 I get in the tow truck, as we drive the 2 miles to Sawmill's exit and head to goodyear, we passed 5 cops. 2 were at a speed trap after the bridge, and 2 were near the exit of sawmill and 1 had someone pulled over. YAH.

Now the damage report:  My car is going to cost me $645.00.  140 for labor, 40 for Diagnostic, and 404 for the Fuel Pump Module Assembly.   To be honest that is not bad, having this car for almost 4 years, and minus the windshield this is the first major amount of money I had to put into it.

Am I to old?

Today I feel like writing. I have been posting a lot on my Twilight Saga page. The other day I was told that I was too old to post on that site. Its always a reaction to something like this that defines your character, imo. Sure I could blog about how "this is my Diary" or something, and Everyone has had someone on here say something about thier blog but not say who they were. Its the internet. I could careless if they think I am to old.  But it got me thinking, why is it that there are limitations on age and things people like. Its ridiculous to think that , for example, I am too old to enjoy the Hanna Montana show. Now I really don't enjoy this show, but if I did, so what? Its something that I enjoy, and someone else doesn't.

The Twilight Saga page, is on the internet so you are going to get a WIDE age group. The books are mostly marketed to "Young Adult" which is good, but that doesn't mean that someone who is not a young adult can't enjoy the books.  I like this Twilight Saga page becuase its not a typical fan site of "I LOVE THIS CHARACTER" and "I will be the next Bella" or something. Sure that is there, but there are real people posting about view points, their theories on the meaning behind a character actions.. One could say its a Virtual book club. So now, am I too old for that? IMO no. I don't think I will ever be to old to learn new ways of thinking, to gain new knowledge and theories, to interpret structure and reading materials.

So this ends my rant. I am sure I will edit this later when I want to write about the upcoming weekend.