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Its been a year. Wooooo

It really has been a year since I last posted here.
I have been around, reading other peoples journal's. I realized that the most I was reading were communities, and not so many people. Something I need to work on is reconnecting with people rather then just moving along.

SOOO much has happened since I wrote the letters to myself last year. Its been a CRAZY ass year. So I am going to * high-level* bullet post it:

The Good:
  • Met an amazing guy, to this day is just proving more & more that I am worth something to someone and I *can* trust in love again
  • Reconnected with a few friends that I kind of just fell out of touch with -- and here is to hoping the friendship stays steady again. I have missed them
  • Got to see my cousin Kyle get married
  • Actually got to go on 2 vacations - Myrtle Beach with my family & visited my best female friend;  Vegas - to see Ron & Audrea tie the know & with my guy <3
  • Met some amazing and wonderful people through CABS & Origins
  • Met and befriends a couple female friends that are total keepers
The Bad:
  • Got Robbed in March - Lost EVERYTHING valuable
  • Had some issues with certain people -- the kind that can end a friendship -- and honestly, it may still be going on. Not sure whats going on in their brain, but they aren't talking to me about it, and just acting like everything is fine. 
  • Got into 2 car accidents (neither my fault) - both end up costing me to pay though. (1 hit & run, the other same insurance and since mine had more damaged I ended up paying.)
  • Didn't get a raise at my Job as I was expecting due to the robbery & friend drama distracting me at work
  • No longer working at blockbuster after 3 years - our store was closed; But that was due to the landlord selling the property and not wanting to rent it anymore. Our Store was #2 in our district.
I guess this is a good starting point to start off with this year.


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