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Why Hello there... I remember you LJ

Well its been a LONG time since I posted here...

Let me start this off with a Poem I wrote using my name:

Kicking and Screaming...
Run away little one, now!
It is upon you...
Stuck, unable to assist!
Tragic! Oh the shame,
If only I could have helped
Nowhere left to run.

Its a longer take on a Haiku, and I know its not about seasons lol.
I have a lot of things going on. First and foremost, I like to say congrats to my friendsbluebuckeye  and nowise  who will be getting married in just over a month. SOOOO excited for them, and SOOO can't wait till the wedding. Two people who are meant for one another I tell you.

So I started working at Blockbuster in August of 2009. I will be quiting there in a few weeks. Its WELL over due.  I wanted to keep it to help with my credit restoration process, which might I add has been great, but now I have a car payment to think about, and honestly I rather work selling Mary Kay then renting videos.  I like the people I work with , but that job adds added stress onto me that I don't need.
Next, I got a promotion. Well its more of a Lateral promotion since its on my same team and under the same manager, just a different role. This to me is still pretty great. I have worked in my current role for about 2 years now, and I am ready for new challenges. :)

Working with Mary Kay is another new thing for me, its a great experience so far, for the little I have done with it. But I plan to make things happen with it. Just going to take some time.

Some friends are coming into town this weekend. We are going to Shadow Box for the last weekend of Nightmare at the Box. I have 4 free tickets and they HAVE to be used Friday, so there you go.  Also lots of gaming will ensue. I can see that now.

Well I better get back to work, but I wanted to update a bit here. Been WAY too long.


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