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500 Days of Summer

This weekend was quite nice.

I got to leave a bit early on Friday. I called into our town hall meeting, instead of attending it, that was I was able to run some errands and get home to finish up cleaning before the girls came in.  They got in about 6pm. Thao and I did a group effort and made Dinner:

Ranch, Herb, Lime, Parmasen cheese Cruster Baked Chicken (NOMNOM)
Steamed Corn of the Cob (Sweet Corn)
Angel Hair Pasta with Six cheese and green pepper sauce (mmmm)
AU-Gratin Potatoes (<------ Though we kinda cooked and forgot about them!! lol)

It was really good. Around 915p the girls, Thao, and I all headed to Easton to see 500 Days of Summer. This movie was really good. At least I can say I quite enjoyed this film. It is a story of a boy and a girl who meet, but its not about love. LOL.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has TRULY grown up in this. I remember seeing him on 3rd rock from the sun! lol And Zooey Dischell.. Come on she is just great too.  Anyways I would recommend this to anyone out there. Its good.

Saturday when we all woke up, we headed to get breakfast at bob evans and then we headed to the thrift store. The girls wanted to go shopping lol.

After our filling breakfast and stop for ice coffee, we came back and got ready for a night at the fair. Thao joined us there too. We walked around and pet the animals, did some shopping and ate food! Typical fair events.  I ran into Vickie (she used to be my boss when I worked at the shell gas station in 2001-2003) I bough 5 $1 tickets from here and passed them out. Thao won a dollar so she got another ticket it, and that one won $20. lol Nice!

The evening began to creep upon us, and soon it was time for the David Cook Concert! I had such a great time, and David put on a really great show! His opening act, Green River Ordinance, was pretty damn good too, I bought thier CD.  While at the concert I ran into Joe Massari, this kid I have not seen since like 2000, He is from Cleveland, so the chances of running into him at the fair, AND the concert were just WOW.  We caught up a bit.. then all of us enjoyed the music.

At the end of the night, we got ice cream and headed home. Kendall has a handicap parking pass, so we got primo parking AND an easy access to leave. It was nice.

Sunday I did NOTHING! Except watch anime and Medium it was AWESOME!

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