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Letters to myself past and present

So I had this challenge a few days ago to write a letter to myself 10 years from now, and also 10 years ago.  
What is most interesting is I actually can write to both times in my life and have content.  Just goes to show a lot happens in life.

- Write a letter to yourself 10 years into the future.:

Dear Kristin,
I know that its been a rough road. You have had to deal with losing your brother, and many many struggles with rebuilding your credit and working on loving yourself more.  Didn't it pay off though?  I know your going to look back on the past ten years and wonder why things affected you so much back then.  Just know that all these trails and bumps you traveled... help make you who you are today.  I believe that things are going to be better in your time then they were back when.  Keep that strong attitude and motivation to do well in your life. Don't let people take advantage of your heart... We already know what Paul did to you... and you don't ever want that again.  If you haven't yet... learn to trust someone... In a romantic way. I know your hurt and damaged from what Paul put you through, but someone will come along and show you that things can be different, you just needed someone that isn't poison to you.
Keep up your motivation to keep yourself healthy. Even if its small steps and others can't see what your doing, you know its steps your taking for yourself.
-Love Your past self

Write a letter to yourself for 10 years in the past, write about what you've learned and what you may or may not do differently. 

A Lot of things are going on with you right now. You have some great roomies, and even though you and Ron had such a bad falling out, honestly in the end things will be better then ever.  Sure you hurt him, but both of you know you did what was right to do.  Stop worrying if you will ever be friends with him again, cause you so will.  Roger is such a douche.. I really wish I could tell you that you two make it, but he is going to hurt you really bad...on one of your worst christmas's ever. You may feel like your family is against you and that he is too, but don't let him drag you down. Both Louie and Wendy are going to pull you out. Your beautiful niece will make you smile, and in the end you are much better off with out him.
This is the motivation you needed, and its helping. You will pull through and start to meet some great people, including your best friend. Also, SAVE YOUR MONEY!  All those loan checks, you need to put them in a savings account.. its not extra money you just have. You will pay it back down the road, and its better to start now.. then you may avoid the credit hassle in the future.
I wish I can tell you not to fall in love with a guy name Paul.. I wish I could say things will work out, but in the end I can't. You need to follow your heart and you will get hurt, but with out that, you will be naive to thinking that everyone has your best interests at heart, but really you need to.  Live life more, make more female friends. Sure having guy friends is awesome, but sometimes you need to go out with just the girls. This may also help improve your self confidence, by getting to know fab girls that want to help you in life, rather then put you down.  You are an amazing person, don't let a few life hiccups stop you.
Be prepared.. your going to lose Louie.. its going to be so gut wrenching and horrible. You will be strong and fight through all the drama, and do something I didn't think you could do, and clean up Louie's mess.  This moment will define for you what is good in life. Embrace that fact, know that family is important and so are the friends that care.
Love your future self.

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