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 I have been the slacker when it comes to writing lately. Things have been so busy at work, I find some time to read but never really write. So today I am taking some time to write!! :)

This past weekend didn't go entirely as I had planned, but that is only because I came into my second job to cover for a girl on my day off. Her grandmother died, how could I not help out you know? So Saturday night was a bit messed up since I was going to originally meet my bestie at Skully's but ended up covering for this girl, and it ran later then it was supposed to by the time I got home and would have changed and got ready to leave it would have been 1230ish. Whats the point of getting there at 1a for 1 hr of drinking/hanging out? Maybe this weekend. I really miss hanging out with her.

Friday was fun though. I took the day off of work and did some errands. But It was Go Red for Feb day. The American Heart Association was doing an event where you can "Go Red for Feb" at Paul Mitchell's School of Cosmotoleogy. I got a free hair coloring, its much darker and I love it! Gotta get some pics up. Will do soon! But it took 3 hours, so my errands got pushed back.

I decided Friday was about me enjoying the day, so I went to Easton and just did a few returns and some shopping, and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Speaking of which, I got some slack from a friend. Granted this said friend is someone who is interested in me, and though making myself clear that I am only interested in friendship and nothing more, he seems to ignore that. Thinking I will "change" my mind when I am less busy, but I digress. Jim asked me why I was eating alone. I simply said "I'm hungry, why not?" He then proceeded to say "Isn't it lonely? Don't you feel weird or pathetic?" <because THAT is a way to get a girl to like you??!!!> In the end I told him "I am hungry, and I have no issue eating when I am hungry, whether I have company or not"

I mean really what is societies issue with people eating alone. Even if I were married with a huge family, whose to say I would not go out somewhere and just sit down to a meal myself? Same goes for seeing a movie. I have a WIDE movie taste, I watch almost anything. But there are movies I really want to see, and I have no friends who can go at the time I can or are interested. Does this stop me from seeing a movie solo? Hell No! I understand that some people can have a complex about being alone in public and people viewing you as "Lonely" but really, maybe I want that time alone.
Yes I am single, and yes I am not talking to anyone, but does that mean that I go and mope about it at dinner? I don't understand why society or people in society seem to think dining or doing any activity alone is odd or pathetic and lonely. It kinda irks me.

I don't have any big plans coming up. Seems kinda lame that I have so many things : Job #1 M-F, Job #2 (typically Sundays), Shadow Box Volunteering, Cabs (Friday or Saturday each week), and yet don't have much going on. I have not seen my "crush" lately at CABS I wonder if he got a girlfriend, or if he got busy at work. He was nice Eye Candy, and its always fun to play a game with a cute boy and beat him. Granted I play console games with my friends a lot and beat them there, but its not the same as being in person.

Speaking of gaming -- I am really looking forward to ORIGINS this year. I already have my ticket/badge and just really want to get to that weekend in June for days of gaming and nights of getting to know people. I met a lot of great people last time, and hope to meet more! I learned more games since then, and hope to get into more tourneys. :) I know geeky, but I love it.  

I need to spend some time with more friends, I have been just vegging out and getting over being sick, that I feel disconnected from the world slightly.

Questionable Content is this WONDERFUL comic I got into the past 2 weeks. I read ALL the way current (starting at the 2003 archive). This comic is funny and trendy with relationships. I quite enjoy it. I am recommending it to you all :)


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