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Princess Peach... Bah...

So I was just chatting with a friend about how some TV shows just end so badly, leaving viewers/fans wanting more or never getting a clear ending on the story line... which brought us to the topic of Princess Peach.

If you are not aware of who Princess Peach is you can find out here.

I can NOT stand her. In every game she is in, Bowser manages to kidnap her, and some how Mario is sucked into finding her. I mean the first couple of times, I get it. She is helpless. But after 2 times don't you think you would RUN from a big ass Turtle that has taken you captive before? I just hate how she plays dumb.
Where does this Princess Rage come from you say? It all finaly came together for me a few years ago. I was with Gary and we were playing Mario Sunshine on the Wii. I thought it was a fun game at first. But then a cut scene occurs. Its the big bad Bowser... on his way to get the princess and steal all the stars. (they are power in this game). So you see peach in her castle, just being blondish Orangish haired. and she feels the rumbling of someting SLOWLY approaching. (Mind you I said Slowly)... its Bowser he is flying this machine in, at a very slow rate, and the Princess is upstairs in her castle. She just stands there and screams "Help!" not ONCE did she try to move or run to go down stairs. All her servants and fellow star/toad people are running away and trying to hide. . . what does she do... she waits. For Bowser to come to her, after a 3 min cinematic movie cut... she is taken by him... LIKE she didn't know what was going on.

Then Bowser tells Mario he has to find Peach if he wants her back. If I were Mario at this point I would be like "FUCK THIS" and bounce. I mean come one. What has he gotten out of all this:

1) Powerwings in the early years to skip a level
2) a bunch of damn little toad people happier to see him then peach ever was...
3) Never gets any action, not even a kiss, for the princess.
4) Sure, he is popular and heroic, but also known as a pushover that would do anything for the princess.


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