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I really miss updating here...

Thursday I had my monthly assesment:

So Overall, I am making some changes with my weight and health. Here they are:

Weight: Lost 5lbs (which is a lot less then what they hoped for but being sick for 1.5 weeks and not eating or excersing.. yah)
BMI: Went done 2 pts (yay)
Neck - Stayed the same
Shoulders - Lost 2 inches
Chest - Stayed the same
Waist - Lost 1 inch
Hips - Gained 1/2 inch
Thighs - Stayed the same
Calves - Gained 1 inch  (musle gain)

Now I have mixed reviews. I'm happy at the weight loss and inch loss. They care more about losing inches then weight, per say. However they feel I may have lost some of my lost some muscle because my BMI dropped more then weight drop. If that makes sense.

I had a busy weekend. Friday I ended up chatting with a friend for a bit and then working the closing shift friday night at Blockbuster. I got out of work at 11:15. I was in bed Friday night about 1am. I had to get up on Saturday at 930a.

Saturday I was up and had breakfast then went to see my Chiropracter. He fixed me shoulder and knee. Man they were both very sore. Turns out I was too! lol. I felt great afterwards.  Got home and relaxed for about 45 mins, then got ready to meet Monica in Ashland for my 1/2 of the fundraising items. Monica, Jon, and I met at the Goasis in Ashland. We talked for about 30 mins, and then I headed back home. Made it back to Columbus about 3:10pm. I was not due to go into work until 5p but I showed up at 3:45 with treats for the team, and ready to work early... I was working on these new candy displays at work. I ended up closing and we were out of there about 11:20pm.  I was in bed at about 230a (which is because I wanted to watch another prestreet before they had to go back on Monday.

Sunday I was up at 820a. I volunteered to come into BBV for a few hours to finish on some project work... I thought I was going to be straightening the BSI, but I ended up doing Candy... OH JOY! I hate candy! lol. But I got to setup the christmas display, which is cute.  It was Sharon, Heather, and I all working Sunday morning... which might I add was a nice change of pace! I was suppose to be out of there at 1130. I was there till about 12:20p HA! go figure. Heading home, Thao, Guppy, and I all got ready and left at about 1:15 to head to the Internationl Festival in Columbus. We got there about 2pm. Due to getting lost for a min and slow driving. lol. It was a nice fesitval. They had entertainers (Belly Dancers, Bollywood dancing, Indian Twist dancing, and more), Food (from all over the world for the tasting), Crafts, infromational booths, and just a good little festival. We met up with Laura, and Olivia.. the cutest 4 1/2 year old. :) We were there until about 445pm. Good times.
I went to bed at 11p lastnight and slept until 800a this morning. Man it was such a needed rest.Working at Job # 1 right now, and in 2 hours will be at Job # 2.  I wonder if they did anymore work on my Candy displays? hrmm.

Movie Reviews:

Accidental Husband -  I really enjoyed this movie much more then expected. I never even heard of it, and it contained well known stars. Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, Jeffery Dean Morgan.  Its about a Radio show Love Doctor  Emma (Uma Thurman) who believes that the romantic love is unrealistic, that women should settle for reality. Find a man that will have the maturity to love you and stay in love with you. She is content in her life with a man , her publisher of her upcoming book R.E.A.L. Love, named Richard (Colin Firth). She gives some advice to a woman named Sophia who was set to marry a Patrick (Jeffery Dean Morgan). Through a twist of events Emma is "accidentaly" married to Partick, just 2 weeks before she is due to marry Richard.

Total chick flick, in the reverse fashion. I quite enjoyed it, and it had a great part with an indian festival.
3.75 out of 5.

UP - An animated movie about a man who wishes to fullfil his deceased wifes life adventure. He plans to take thier home and fly it to Paradise Falls in South America.  Until a wildscout , trying to earn a final badge, gets mixed up into his plans.

Suprisingly this movie was not quite what I expected. I really liked it, but I thought it was just a grummpy man hating the world, until I saw the begining. For this being a kids movie, it was quite emotional and realistic in the begining. The animation was great and over all it was a feel good movie.
4.5 out of 5

I am totaly getting celeb crush on:  Jeffery Dean Morgan

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